xbr55hx929 Review

xbr55hx929 Review

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Nowadays, certainly one of it is notable products may be the Sony XBR55HX929 local-dimming DRIVEN HDTV. This clever maximum DRIVEN backlighting may full-array local dimming permits one of the most exact contrast along with a much more pleasurable viewing experience.

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This 55-inch television delivers a brilliant full high definition picture quality both for 2D and also 3D IMAGES. It again also has a modern monolithic OptiContrast section together with Corning Gorilla A glass, and in addition features Motionflow XR 960 technology which allows the particular people to see smooth and also exact motion details during fast-action video clip. Put simply, people should be able to experience stunning motion clarity since both the full-array DRIVEN backlighting and also high frame-rate technology communicate to reduce blurs caused by quick cameras motions and to enhance image sharpness. As for the OptiContrast section, this design and style and also area remedy works to minimize expression and to create deeper photos together with excellent black levels even in bright rooms.
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Apart from all of that, the particular Sony XBR55HX929 features an intelligent presence sensor, making usage of built-in deal with detection technology in order to convert alone off when nobody is watching, to be able to warn the youngsters when could possibly be too close for the display, and to adjust picture and also sound according to just where people are sitting in the space. Using this technology, you will be able to savor a remarkably customized picture and also tone whenever. This HDTV also has an energy vehicle switch which will help you eliminate the talk regarding plugging and also unplugging the particular cord when the television is just not in use. Simply by turning off the energy costly switch, the particular television's standby energy is reduced to be able to nearly nothing.

Another great factor relating to this Television set is that you get to reveal your current photos around the big screen or perhaps listen to your favorite audio by just connection your current digital camera, USB-enabled MP3 player, or perhaps UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS storage device directly to your current HDTV's UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS type. And for little kids on the market, you might find it again extra appealing to understand that this HDTV may enable you to appreciate a good immersive gaming experience in full HIGH-DEFINITION 1080p making use of Sony's 3D IMAGES active glasses and also connecting the compatible PlayStation 3 the game console. Combining uncompromising technology, basic connectivity, and elegant design and style, the particular Sony XBR55HX929 55-inch DRIVEN high definition TV basically delivers the best of the best.

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This TV has the best picture I have ever seen. No problems at all to date! It's also great watching BR Discs and DVDs using my new Sony 3D Home Theater system.
--XBR55hx929 Review From Glenn--

This is the best tv around right now! Samsungs seem thinner, but the color on this is much better. Great TV
--XBR55hx929 Review From Eric--

xbr55hx929 review - Amazon replaced it and the replacement also had dead pixels. Amazon replaced it again with a TV that has 2 thick scratches on the inside of the glass and dead pixels. To their credit amazon has done a good job so far processing the replacement units, w/ one rep offering to call me back to check on the TV status. GREAT! I love Amazon! At last the 4th tv has arrived and it looks great. There are no dead pixels and no screen artifacts that I've noticed yet. Suffice it to say I'm very happy with my purchase. I have to say kudos to Amazon for being absolutely great about the exchanges. I would have no problem trusting Amazon with all my future purchases. Highly recommend buying from them; especially purchases that are important to you.
--XBR55hx929 Review From Rosado--

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